MEMSCAN improvements

#Improvements to MEMSCAN. First off, I want to say that I was pretty overwhelmed with the volume of attention MEMSCAN received when I initially blogged about it a little while ago. I really didn’t think it was that big of a deal. I started MEMSCAN for two reasons - there wasn’t anything out there which did /exactly/ what I wanted it to do and also because I wanted to move beyond reading C to actually trying to write some C of my own. »

Small updates to SuccessID

#Touch ID reason text Today I made some small tweaks to SucccessID which some people have been asking for. It was a relatively simple fix, I’m not sure why I didn’t actually put the code in, in the first place. The Alertview shown by successID when Local Authentication API’s are invoked now displays the reason text, which is specified by the application you’re testing. #SuccessID prompts not appearing I experienced an issue the other day where for a specific app I was testing, the SuccessID prompts weren’t appearing. »

Substrate - hooking C on Android and iOS part 1/2

This post is the first of a two part walkthrough on hooking C functionality on iOS and Android concerning the use of substrate for hooking code on the two supported mobile platforms. The aim is to provide you with a start to finish demonstration of how you can hook C functions on Android and iOS. The Android post is written by John Kozyrakis. You can check it out here: »

Introducing MEMSCAN

###MEMSCAN MEMSCAN is a utility for iOS which I’ve been working on in bits and pieces here and there. I wanted to be able to dump the memory of a given process or to search for certain bytes in memory and get back an address for those bytes. This can be particularly useful when you’re testing an application which uses PIE and the symbols are not available. Using this technique you can look up the method fingerprint (e. »

Passbook business card tutorial

###Introduction Apple’s passbook functionality has been around for a little while and gradually more and more of the services I use are adopting it, most airlines I fly with use it now, my coffee shops use it, etc. etc. Whilst that’s awesome, there are other cool and creative things you can do with Passbook as an individual though and it’s very easy! One neat trick you can do to impress your co-workers and clients is to create a Passbook business card. »