Passbook business card tutorial

###Introduction Apple’s passbook functionality has been around for a little while and gradually more and more of the services I use are adopting it, most airlines I fly with use it now, my coffee shops use it, etc. etc. Whilst that’s awesome, there are other cool and creative things you can do with Passbook as an individual though and it’s very easy! One neat trick you can do to impress your co-workers and clients is to create a Passbook business card. »

Vulnerability Assessment Workshop

So I’ve been working on something pretty cool lately and I wanted to share some thoughts on it. TL;DR - I’m currently delivering a vulnerability assessment workshop at multiple UK universities with the aim of providing a realistic full day workshop on finding vulnerabilities, engaging with clients, and explaining the issues & guidance in a way that can be easily understood by the client. If you have contacts with, or you represent a university, please do get in touch with me at [email protected] »