MEMSCAN improvements

#Improvements to MEMSCAN. First off, I want to say that I was pretty overwhelmed with the volume of attention MEMSCAN received when I initially blogged about it a little while ago. I really didn’t think it was that big of a deal. I started MEMSCAN for two reasons - there wasn’t anything out there which did /exactly/ what I wanted it to do and also because I wanted to move beyond reading C to actually trying to write some C of my own. »

SuccessID - TouchID override & simulation

####Updates - 12/FEB/2015 - Added reason text to alertview ###iOS 8 activity Over the past few weeks a lot has happened in the iOS jailbreaking community, PanguTeam dropped an iOS 8.0-8.1 jailbreak, developers frantically tried to iron out performance and stability issues and of course app devs began to update their tweaks and utilities. One of the many exciting things about an iOS 8 jailbreak for me is the ability to manipulate all of the new SDK additions, HomeKit, HealthKit, ApplePay, LocalAuthentication, etc. »