Small updates to SuccessID

#Touch ID reason text Today I made some small tweaks to SucccessID which some people have been asking for. It was a relatively simple fix, I’m not sure why I didn’t actually put the code in, in the first place. The Alertview shown by successID when Local Authentication API’s are invoked now displays the reason text, which is specified by the application you’re testing.

#SuccessID prompts not appearing I experienced an issue the other day where for a specific app I was testing, the SuccessID prompts weren’t appearing. I tweaked the code ever so slightly and it works. It wasn’t a bug, I just made a couple of unrelated changes and suddenly it worked.

If you experience anything similar, get in touch and let me know the name of the app (if you can) and I’ll try and work out what it might be.

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Grant Douglas

Associate Principal Consultant @ Synopsys