Integrating Touch ID into your iOS applications

Image copyrights and trademarks belong exclusively to Apple. #What is Touch ID? Simply put, Touch ID is Apple’s fingerprint technology for iOS mobile devices. It allows consumers to unlock their phones and make purchases conveniently using their fingerprint(s). Furthermore, as of iOS version 8.0, Apple opened Touch ID up to developers by making APIs available for use in the SDK. ###Biometric opinions This post assumes you have performed your own risk assessment and are aware of the risks associated with biometric authentication technologies, and that you have decided that Touch ID is suitable for use in your application. »

Touch Unlock for iOS

It. Is. ALIVEEEEE. So for the last “very long time” some folks and I have been working hard in any second of spare time we could find to write an app called Touch Unlock. Basically, the app is available for all iOS devices which have Apple’s Touch ID hardware and allows you to lock and unlock your Mac via Bluetooth Low Energy. And the best thing? It is totally free, no strings attached. »

Small updates to SuccessID

#Touch ID reason text Today I made some small tweaks to SucccessID which some people have been asking for. It was a relatively simple fix, I’m not sure why I didn’t actually put the code in, in the first place. The Alertview shown by successID when Local Authentication API’s are invoked now displays the reason text, which is specified by the application you’re testing. #SuccessID prompts not appearing I experienced an issue the other day where for a specific app I was testing, the SuccessID prompts weren’t appearing. »

SuccessID - TouchID override & simulation

####Updates - 12/FEB/2015 - Added reason text to alertview ###iOS 8 activity Over the past few weeks a lot has happened in the iOS jailbreaking community, PanguTeam dropped an iOS 8.0-8.1 jailbreak, developers frantically tried to iron out performance and stability issues and of course app devs began to update their tweaks and utilities. One of the many exciting things about an iOS 8 jailbreak for me is the ability to manipulate all of the new SDK additions, HomeKit, HealthKit, ApplePay, LocalAuthentication, etc. »