Securi-Tay IV

##Securi-Tay IV

The Securi-Tay IV logo

So it’s that special time of year again when families come together. Well, the Abertay Hackers family does at least.

Every year, the Abertay Hackers group run an information security conference called Securi-Tay, hosted at the University of Abertay, Dundee. Students and professionals from various different backgrounds descend on Dundee to listen to talented speakers, network with students and industry professionals and generally just have a good time (Scottish to English translation - enjoy the cheaper booze).

###Securi-Tay III Here’s a snippet from last year’s conference.

Last years conference really was fantastic for me because it was the first Securi-Tay I’ve attended since graduating and leaving the University in 2013. The talks that year were easily on par with other conferences around Europe and several students from Abertay stepped up and took to the stand to deliver their thoughts on interesting security topics. I remember thinking to myself that the folks running it that year had completely nailed it, they really had put the conference up there with BSIDES et al and I figured that Securi-Tay was at it’s peak.

Well, I think I might just have been wrong because this year is looking very likely to be even better!

###This year The talks this year are impressive, showcasing a wide range of topics from Social Security to Software deployment, to robbing Banks (legally of course). See below for the full schedule: Securi-Tay IV schedule

What’s even more impressive though is the number of student speakers again this year. After all, that’s what the whole thing centers around - the students of Abertay University.

###History I think (feel) that inititally Securi-Tay was designed to generate networking opportunities for indsutry professionals and students, at the same time as providing a solid security conference for Scotland. As the years have progressed it’s become easily more evident that the conference is not just for the students but is actually far better than that, providing a great day (and night) to everyone in attendance - not just the students.

I think this years organisers have done an awesome job, they should be proud of the results that all of their time and efforts have produced. Make sure to say thanks to all involved, take the time to chat with those organising and those in Abertay Hackers hoodys. Also be sure to speak to the sponsors!

There are a whole bunch of hacking students from Leeds in attendance too so make sure to chat with them at some point, they’re a cool bunch.

###Lightning Talks Lastly, this year sees the addition of a lightning talk track. Everyone who wants to try their arm at presenting some ideas or musings should definitely capitalise on the lightnight track opportunity.

Enjoy the conference, I’ll be around all day so feel free to come and say hello.