MEMSCAN v1.2 - now supporting ARM64

Hey all,

First off, if you don’t know what MEMSCAN is, see the original post.

So I’m pretty happy right now, I figured out why MEMSCAN was having some technical issues with certain apps. Originally I suspected that it was somehow something to do with Swift although this just didn’t make sense. After some time away from the code I suddenly realise what was up - I don’t handle ARM64.

It really wasn’t too hard to get it working on ARM64, the code quality for the changes is quite poor, I have ifdef’s in several different locations instead of doing it properly and have it in one place. I even forgot to take some out after I made it better, check this out for Monday humour:-

  #ifdef __arm64__
            kret = new_vm_region(task, &address, &size, VM_REGION_BASIC_INFO, (vm_region_info_t) &info, &count, &object_name);
            kret = new_vm_region(task, &address, &size, VM_REGION_BASIC_INFO, (vm_region_info_t) &info, &count, &object_name);

I’ll clean up the code in git over the next short while but the tool performs just fine in it’s current state :)

The update (v1.2) has been pushed to so for those of you who’ve added the repo to Cydia you should have seen the update yesterday. I also spent a bit of time on the repo itself to add changelog support to the packages etc so I’m hoping that will be well received.

Thanks again to all of those who came in with feedback and for letting me know which apps were causing the problems, it was eventually what made me realise my mistake.

As usual, the code has been pushed to github, fork, pull, etc, etc.


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